electronic: dominic.vella(at)

college: 15.3 Lincoln College, Oxford, OX1 3DR, UK

department: S3.02 Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford, OX2 6GG, UK

Current Positions

Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Tutorial Fellow in Applied Mathematics at Lincoln College, University of Oxford

Previous Employment

Jan. 2011-Jul. 2016

University Lecturer/Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Oct. 2009-Dec. 2010

Ernest Oppenheimer Early Career Research Fellow at DAMTP, University of Cambridge

Oct. 2007-Sep. 2009

Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Research Fellow at LPS de l'ENS and PMMH, ESPCI, Paris.

Oct. 2007-Mar. 2008

Chercheur Associé in the Laboratoire de Physique Statistique de l'École Normale Supérieure, Paris

Oct. 2006-Sep. 2010

Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge



Doctor of Philosophy

Trinity College and Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), University of Cambridge, supervised by Herbert Huppert, FRS.

Thesis title: "The Fluid Mechanics of Floating and Sinking"


Special Student in the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences (DEAS), Harvard University, supervised by L. Mahadevan.

Supported by the Harvard Club of New York via the Joseph Hodges Choate Memorial Fellowship.


Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III of the Mathematical Tripos) with Distinction

Trinity College, University of Cambridge

1999 - 2002

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Mathematics (First Class in all three years)

Trinity College, University of Cambridge

1994 - 1999

Aylesbury Grammar School, Buckinghamshire

2 STEP, 1 S Level, 5 A Levels, 1 AS Level, 11 GCSEs

Research Interests

Surface Tension Phenomena, Continuum Mechanics, Adhesion, Flow in Porous Media. See my research page for further details.


See Publications

Seminars and Conference Presentations

See Seminars and Conference Presentations

Grants and Independent Fellowships

  • ERC Starting Grant, GADGET (2015-2020)

  • Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship (2013-2015)

Awards and Prizes

  • Philip Leverhulme Prize of the Leverhulme Trust (2017)

  • Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society (2015), see citation

  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Fellowship for attendance at GFD Program summer 2006 (awarded by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

  • Smith-Knight Prize for extended essay describing my research. Placed in first of five groups (awarded by University of Cambridge)

  • SIAM Prize for best student talk at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2005

  • Joseph Hodges Choate Memorial Fellowship for study at Harvard University (awarded by University of Cambridge)

  • Heilbronn Mathematics Prize for examination results (Trinity College, Cambridge)

  • Rouse-Ball Mathematical Essay Prize, Yeats Mathematical Essay Prize and Science Essay Prize for essays on a variety of subjects (awarded by Trinity College, Cambridge)

Teaching Experience


Part B: Waves and Compressible Flow (2012-2013)
Part C: Topics in Fluid Mechanics (2011-2014); Elasticity & Plasticity (2015-date)

In Michaelmas 2009 I gave nine lectures in the course Slow Viscous Flows (Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in Cambridge).

Small Group Teaching: Oxford

Prelims: PDEs in 2D , Introductory Calculus, Dynamics
Part A: Fluid Dynamics and Waves, Differential Equations I, Integral Transforms, Modelling in Mathematical Biology and Quantum Theory
Part B: Waves and Compressible Flow (Intercollegiate Classes)
Part C: Topics in Fluid Mechanics and Elasticity & Plasticity (Intercollegiate Classes)

Small Group Teaching: Cambridge

Mathematical Tripos IA: Revision supervisions for Vectors & Matrices and Dynamics & Relativity
Mathematical Tripos IB: Fluid Dynamics, Methods and Variational Principles
Mathematical Tripos II: Fluid Dynamics
Natural Sciences Tripos IA: Quantitative Biology and Elementary Mathematics for Biologists
Natural Sciences Tripos IB: Mathematical Methods

Other Academic Activities

Admissions Interviews

I have interviewed applicants for undergraduate admission to read Mathematics at Lincoln College Oxford since 2010.
Previously, I also interviewed applicants for undergraduate admission to read Mathematics at Trinity College Cambridge (2006-2010).

Conference Session Chair

Elasticity and Geometry of Thin Objects I, APS March Meeting 2009: Pittsburgh PA, 16/03/2009
Instability: Interfacial and Thin Film II, APS DFD Meeting 2010: Long Beach CA, 21/11/2010

Peer Review

I have refereed articles for a number of journals, as well as conferences, including:

Acta Mechanica, ChemPhysChem, EPL, European Biophysics Journal, International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics, Journal of Applied Mechanics, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Journal of Fluid Mechanics,Journal of Microscopy, Langmuir, Nature, New Journal of Physics, Physical Review E, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review X, Physics of Fluids, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Science and Soft Matter

Seminar Organizing

I was part of the committee that organizes the Friday Fluids seminars in DAMTP

PhD/DPhil Examining

  • Arathi Ramachandran, University of Cambridge (2018)
  • Paul Grandgeorge, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (2018)
  • Armin Krupp, University of Oxford (2017)
  • Stuart Thomson, University of Oxford (2017)
  • Thimothée Mouterde, Ecole Polytechnique (2017)
  • Anton Mühlemann, University of Oxford (2016)
  • Colin Reynolds, University of Oxford (2016)
  • Hervé Elettro, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (2015)
  • Stephen O'Keeffe, University of Oxford (2015)
  • Alexandre Vledouts, Aix Marseille Université (2014)
  • Mark Curtis, University of Oxford (2013)
  • Nicolas Rojas, Université Nice Sofia Antipolis (2011)

IT Skills

MS Office, Mac OS X, Programming in Pascal, Fortran 77, Mathematica, MatLab, LaTeX, HTML as well as basic competency with software used with high speed and other digital video cameras.

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