Exploring ODEs

This textbook, by Trefethen and Birkisson and Driscoll, will be published by SIAM in 2018. Now and after publication, it is also freely available on the web.

The book
Two-column format
Appendix B: 100 more examples

This version is not quite final; it was sent to SIAM for copy-editing on 30 August 2017.

Each chapter is a publishable M-file that can be downloaded if you want to see formatting details: ode01.m, ode02.m, ode03.m, ode04.m, ode05.m, ode06.m, ode07.m, ode08.m, ode09.m, ode10.m, ode11.m, ode12.m, ode13.m, ode14.m, ode15.m, ode16.m, ode17.m, ode18.m, ode19.m, ode20.m, ode21.m, ode22.m, odeA.m, odeB.m.

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