Mathematical ecology and biology

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    A. Stability

  1. Continuous population models: stability, bifurcations. [Drazin, 1.3-1.5.]
  2. Hysteresis, non-dimensionalisation.
  3. Discrete models: stability, chaos.
  4. Harvesting: optimal strategies.

    B. Oscillations

  5. Lotka-Volterra model. [Jordan and Smith, 2.1-2.3.]
  6. Predator-prey systems.
  7. Limit cycles.

    C. Enzyme reactions

  8. Michaelis-Menten kinetics: pseudo-steady state hypothesis.
  9. Allosteric enzymes.
  10. Glycolysis.
  11. Glycolytic oscillations.

    D. Waves

  12. Fisher equation.
  13. Excitable media.
  14. Signal propagation in nerve cells.

    E. Pattern formation

  15. Reaction-diffusion.
  16. Turing instability.


Course materials

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