Jason D. Lotay

Jason D. Lotay
Professor of Pure Mathematics
University of Oxford
Fellow at Balliol College






Latest info

Geometriae Dedicata   I have recently joined the Editorial Board of Geometriae Dedicata. Please do send your strong papers in my research area to the journal and encourage those you know to do the same.

Simons Collaboration   I am a PI of the Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis and Physics. I am co-organizing an upcoming meeting of the Collaboration on Algebraic Geometry, Gauge Theory and the Swampland Conjectures in Oxford on 9--13 January 2023. I co-organised virtual meetings of the Collaboration on Connections between String Theory and Special Holonomy on 10--14 January 2022 and on Numerical and Geometric Methods for Ricci-flat Metrics and Flows on 24--28 May 2021. I co-organised meetings on Progress and Open Problems on 14--18 September 2020 (a virtual meeting), Moduli of Special Holonomy Metrics and their Periods on 1--5 June 2019 (a virtual meeting), Geometric Flows and Special Holonomy on 4--8 June 2018 at Imperial College, and Construction of Exceptional Holonomy Spaces: Past, Present and Future on 5--9 June 2017, also at Imperial College.

LMS   I have recently been elected to the LMS Council as a Member-at-Large.

Chancellor's Professorship/MSRI I am the Chancellor's Professor at UC Berkeley, California, for 2022-23 during my participation in the Analytic and Geometric Aspects of Gauge Theory research program at the Mathematical Sciences Research Insitute, August-December 2022.

Geometric Analysis Reading Seminar   I am co-organising an informal seminar for geometers and analysts, where we discuss and learn about various topics in Geometric Analysis. Information is available on the seminar website. We recently ran a reading group on ''G2 geometry: counting associatives''.

EPSRC   I am a member of the EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team for Mathematical Sciences since Jan 2022. I also hold an EPSRC grant with my colleagues Dominic Joyce and Alex Ritter. We appointed Guillem Cazassus as a postdoc on this grant.

Snapshot  My Snapshot of Modern Mathematics from Oberwolfach on Lagrangian mean curvature flow has been published. This is a short introduction to this exciting research area, written in an easily understandable and accessible manner.

Simons Collaboration postdocs  I have hired two postdocs to work with me at Oxford in projects related to special holonomy: Shih-Kai Chiu and Ilyas Khan. These positions are funded by the Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis and Physics.

BOWL  I am co-organising an online differential geometry seminar between Brussels (ULB), Oxford, Warwick and London (Imperial, Queen Mary and UCL). The seminar will typically be on Tuesdays at 14:00 UK time.

ICMS  I am co-organising a workshop on Geometric flows and its Applications at the ICMS, Edinburgh with Toti Daskalopoulos, Felix Schulze and Natasa Sesum. The workshop will take place on 10--14 July 2023.

AIM  I co-organised a workshop on Stability in mirror symmetry at the American Institute of Mathematics with Tristan Collins. The workshop took place virtually on 7--11 December 2020. A follow-up physical workshop at AIM will take place on 25--29 April 2022.

Leverhulme   I hold a Leverhulme Research Project grant with my colleague Felix Schulze at UCL. We had a postdoc (Ben Lambert) and PhD student (Chris Evans) funded by this grant.

Research summary

What I do   I work on differential geometry, particularly geometry related with special holonomy and calibrated submanifolds, geometric flows including Lagrangian mean curvature flow and the G2-Laplacian flow, as well as instantons. For further details, and if you are interested in pursuing PhD studies with me, see my research page.

Why anyone cares   The geometries I study are important from the viewpoint of Einstein metrics and gauge theory, and are related to minimal submanifolds and algebraic geometry. In this setting, there are striking interactions expected between the ambient manifold geometry and topology, the calibrated submanifold geometry and instantons. Moreover, the objects I investigate are of potential importance in high-energy theoretical physics.

Current group   Postdocs: Guillem Cazassus, Shih-Kai Chiu and Ilyas Khan. PhD Students: Izar Alonso Lorenzo, Benjamin Aslan, George Cooper, Francesco Di Giovanni, Chris Evans, Hector Papoulias, Daniel Platt and Federico Trinca.

Academic activities

Brussels-London Geometry Seminar   This seminar went online with two successful meetings on 7 May and 28 May 2020, facilitated by the ICMS (Edinburgh). The meeting on 7 May 2020 had the theme of Symplectic Geometry and the speakers were Baptiste Chantraine and András Juhász. The meeting on 28 May 2020 had the theme of Algebraic Geometry and the speakers were Arend Bayer and Margherita Lelli-Chiesa. Details about the seminar are available at the seminar webpage.

Book  I have co-edited a book on Lectures and Survey on G2-Manifolds and Related Topics with Spiro Karigiannis and Conan Leung, published by Springer as part of the Fields Institute Communications series. This contains introductory lectures and survey articles largely based on talks given at a Minischool and Workshop which we co-organized at the Fields Institute in August 2017. We hope this will be useful to both graduate students and established researchers working in this area.

CMO-BIRS  I co-organised a 5 day meeting on G2 Geometry and Related Topics at Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO), Mexico, with Spiro Karigiannis and Conan Leung. The workshop took place on 5--10 May 2019 and the talks were exclusively given by early career researchers, almost all graduate students, which was a great success.

LSGNT   I was the Co-Director of First Year for the London School for Geometry and Number Theory for PhD students, for the academic year 2017-18 and Term 1 in 2018-19. UCL is leading this EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training, in collaboration with King's and Imperial.

UK-Japan Winter School   I co-organised the 18th UK-Japan Winter School in Mathematics on Singularities, Symmetries and Submanifolds on 4-7 January 2017 at UCL, which was partially funded by the LMS. This brought together researchers in symplectic geometry, mirror symmetry, calibrated submanifolds and geometric analysis. There were three minicourses suitable for graduate students as well as poster sessions for PhD students and research talks. The minicourse speakers were Dominic Joyce, Ailsa Keating and Kazushi Ueda and research speakers included Simon Donaldson and Kauru Ono.

Public engagement

Pint of Science I gave a talk on "The Shape of the Universe" at Pint of Science: Our relatively curvy universe on 20 May 2019 at Farr's School of Dancing, Dalston, London.

El País My article (in Spanish) entitled "Por qué estudio la séptima dimensión" has been published in the Café y Teoremas section of El País in November 2018.

Public policy  I took part in a scheme run by the Royal Society which pairs scientists with MPs and civil servants, including a week spent by the scientists in Westminster which was fantastic. There is a case study of my experience on the Royal Society website and you can hear me discussing some of my experience on the scheme and my other interactions with parliament in a UCL Public Policy podcast. You can also read a policy briefing, Maths Matters, which I devised in 2013 to try to explain the value of maths research to policy makers.

Physics World   My feature article entitled "The geometry of our world" has appeared in the April 2017 edition of Physics World, which you can access by going to physicsworld.com. You can also download the article by visiting my publications page.

Adventures in the 7th Dimension   I spoke in the popular Lunch Hour Lectures for the general public at UCL on 2 March 2017, and the talk is now available to view on the YouTube channel. I was also one of the invited speakers at this year's British Science Festival in Swansea talking about the 7th dimension on 6 September 2016. I was interviewed about my talk on Science Cafe on BBC Radio Wales. I gave a related talk as part of the LMS Popular Lectures in London on 28 June 2017 and in Birmingham on 20 September 2017, and at the Fields Institute (Toronto) on 21 August 2017.

Unwrapping our Modern World  I ran this workshop with artist Lilah Fowler as part of a Maths Arts and Crafts Day for teachers on 25 June 2016 at UCL. In this interactive event, we gave a fresh perspective on the modern world by "unwrapping" through ideas from art and mathematics. We explored a wide range of topics from the mundane like cardboard boxes and maps, to the internet, bitcoin, the shape of the universe and DNA. This built on a previous workshop for the general public.

Take your brain to another dimension   I was delighted to take part in the inaugural MAPS PhesDival at UCL, celebrating research in Maths and Physical Sciences, on 15 June 2016. I took the opportunity to explain my research with a few jokes and some dance moves!

About me

Short history   I am a Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow at Balliol College (as of January 2019). I was previously at UCL, where I was a Professor of Mathematics. I was an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow and, before joining UCL, a member of the Geometry group at Imperial College, London. I spent the academic year 07-08 at MSRI, Berkeley, working with Robert Bryant. My DPhil supervisor at Oxford was Dominic Joyce. For further details see my about page.

Organisation   I am a co-organiser of the Brussels-London Geometry Seminar and the London Geometric Analysis Reading Seminar. I set-up and was a co-organiser of the joint KCL/UCL Geometry Seminar. As part of the Fields Institute thematic program on Geometric Analysis, I co-organised a Minischool and Workshop on G2 Manifolds and Related Topics on 19--25 August 2017. I co-organised the workshops G 2 Days 2014 at UCL and G 2 Days 2012 at King's and UCL, with support from EPSRC grants. I co-organised a Differential Geometry workshop on 31 March - 1 April 2015 at the BMC-BAMC in Cambridge, as part of the Brussels-London Geometry seminar. I also co-organised an LMS-CMI Research School in summer 2014 (where I was also gave a lecture course) and UCL Geometry and Topology Days in 2013 which were supported by LMS conference grants. I have also organised Geometry and Topology Open Days at UCL for prospective PhD students.

Keep informed   Follow me on Twitter @jdlotay and find out more about geometry at Oxford on the group webpage.