Exploring ODEs

This textbook was published by SIAM in January 2018: you can order a copy for $64, or $44.80 for SIAM members.

The book is also freely available in electronic form and you can download a copy (26 MB pdf file).

For short templates of how to solve ODEs in Chebfun, see Appendix B, "100 more examples".

Each chapter is a publishable M-file that can be downloaded if you want to see formatting details: ode01.m, ode02.m, ode03.m, ode04.m, ode05.m, ode06.m, ode07.m, ode08.m, ode09.m, ode10.m, ode11.m, ode12.m, ode13.m, ode14.m, ode15.m, ode16.m, ode17.m, ode18.m, ode19.m, ode20.m, ode21.m, ode22.m, odeA.m, odeB.m.

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