e. breward@maths.ox.ac.uk p. (01865) 270505 f. (01865) 270515


I am interested in the mathematical modelling of fluid mechanical, industrial and medical problems. Active research areas include Photovoltaic devices, Surfactant systems, Tear films, Industrial mathematics and Mathematical modelling in medicine and biology.

Industrial mathematics

I have interests in thin liquid films arising in industry, for example, in curtain coating, foams and glass manufacture.

More generally, I am interested in the use of mathematics to solve problems arising in industry, and am a regular attendee at Study Groups with Industry across the world.


Mathematical modelling in medicine and biology

I am also interested in models for biological/medical applications, for example in yolk dynamics in amphibian embryos, tumour growth (see links below), and in a current project on the delivery of viral therapy.

Tumour growth publications:

A multiphase model describing vascular tumour growth.

The role of cell-cell interactions in a two-phase model for avascular tumour growth.

Modelling the interactions between tumour cells and a blood vessel in a microenvironment within a vascular tumour.



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