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I am interested in the mathematical modelling of fluid mechanical, industrial and medical problems. Active research areas include Photovoltaic devices, Surfactant systems, Tear films, Industrial mathematics and Mathematical modelling in medicine and biology.

Photovoltaic devices


Screen printing for silicon PV devices

We have a long-standing collaboration with DuPont Electronics, looking at the screen-printing of paste used to make current-carrying wires for collecting electricity from silicon solar cells. The screen-printing process involves the flow of paste through a stencil to create the desired pattern. We have examined the flow of liquid through the screen, determined how the screen deflects, and how it comes away from the surface after printing.

Related publications:

A simple model for screen printing of Newtonian fluids


Fabrication of polymeric PV devices

We are working on understanding how spin coating is used to make polymeric PV devices, in particular, how the two polymer components separate during the spinning.

More details about this project can be found here.


Operation of dye-sensitised solar cells

We have developed a new model for the operation of dye-sensitised solar cells. The model couples motion in the hole transporter and electron transporter with generation of holes and electrons in the dye layer.

More details about this project can be found here.


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