Titles and abstracts

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B. Bekka - Lattices with and without spectral gap

M. Bridson -
Maps between outer automorphism groups of free groups and mapping class groups

V. Chepoi- Constant approximation algorithms for embedding graph metrics into trees and outerplanar graphs

M. Lackenby - Open problems in knot theory

G. Levitt - McCool groups and stabilizers on the boundary of outer space

M. Lustig - Folding lines in Outer space determine the dual lamination of their limit R-tree

A. Minasyan -
Fixed subgroups of automorphisms of relatively hyperbolic groups

G. Niblo - Topological superrigidity

P. Pansu - Metric problems concerning nilpotent groups

A. Pettet - Out(Fn) and its relatives

S. Rees - Artin groups: automatic structures and geodesics

B. Remy - Quasi-isometry classes of twin building lattices

R. Tessera - The Hilbert distortion of balls of the Heisenberg group

Y. Vaxes - Diameters, centers, and approximating trees of delta-hyperbolic geodesic spaces and graphs

A. Vdovina - Buildings, expanders and Beauville structures

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