Geometry and Analysis on Graphs and Groups

Days: 11-13 November 2010.

Place: University of Oxford, Saskatchewan Lecture Theatre, Exeter College.

Organiser: Cornelia Drutu-Badea.


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Practical information:

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If you wish to participate to the conference please click here and register.
It is important to register, even if you are from Oxford, for lunch arrangements in Exeter College.

Financial support for young researchers (PhD students and post-docs) is available, especially for the accommodation expenses. People who are interested will find all the necessary information here.

The deadline for both registration and application for financial support is the 27th of October.

The conference is financially supported by:

  • the ANR-10-BLAN 0116, acronyme GGAA

  • the EPSRC grant "Geometric and analytic aspects of infinite groups"

  • Exeter College

  • the GDRE 571 Franco-Britannique "Representation Theory"

  • Mathematical Institute, Oxford