Mathematical models in the applied sciences

This book is published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, and by Cambridge University Press, New York, at which sites further information and ordering details can be found. It is one of the Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics (the red series).

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Chapter 1: Mathematical modelling
Chapter 2: Nondimensionalisation
Chapter 3: Asymptotics
Chapter 4: Perturbation methods
Chapter 5: Heat transfer
Chapter 6: Viscous flow
Chapter 7: Solid mechanics
Chapter 8: Electromagnetism
Chapter 9: Enzyme kinetics
Chapter 10: The Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction
Chapter 11: Spruce budworm infestations
Chapter 12: Chemical reactors
Chapter 13: Groundwater flow
Chapter 14: Convection in a porous medium
Chapter 15: River flow
Chapter 16: One-dimensional two-phase flow
Chapter 17: Alloy solidification
Chapter 18: Ice sheet dynamics
Chapter 19: Chemosensory respiratory control
Chapter 20: Frost heave in freezing soils


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