Groups and Group Actions (Hilary and Trinity Terms 2017)

This is the page for the Oxford Prelims Groups and Group Actions course in the Hilary and Trinity Terms 2017.

In the Hilary Term, lectures are 1000–1100 on Wednesdays, and 0900–1000 on Thursdays, all in L1.  Lectures start on Wednesday 15th February and run for four weeks to Thursday 9th March.  In the Trinity Term, there will be four more weeks of lectures (timetable to be confirmed).

You might also want to check the course materials page.  Students who like having printed lecture notes will be pleased to find Richard Earl's lecture notes from 2014 on the course materials page.  There are additional resources to supplement the lectures on my blog.

I am happy to receive comments and suggestions from students taking this course, and from their tutors.  Please feel free to get in touch.

This page last updated 4th January 2017.

Vicky Neale