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The Collaborative Workshop Initiative (CWI)


  • The CWI workshops alternate between Oxford and Princeton.
  • The principal aim of these three-day workshops are to exploit and develop synergistic links among the Complex Fluids Group at Princeton, Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and a span of other global universities and scientific disciplines. The objective is to establish collaborative projects in the broad spectrum of overlapping research interests in theoretical applied mathematics and experimentation.

Publications generated from the CWI so far (click for links)

[11] Capillary Imbibition into Converging Tubes: Beating Washburn's Law and the Optimal Imbibition of Liquids
J.-B. Gorce, I.J. Hewitt, and D. Vella
Langmuir, 2016

[10] An elastic plate on a thin viscous film
P.H. Trinh, S.K. Wilson & H.A. Stone

[9] Elastocapillary rise between swelling beams.
D.P. Holmes, A. Pandey & S. Protière
To be submitted to Extreme Mechanics Letters.

[8] Curvature suppresses the Rayleigh-Taylor instability.
P.H. Trinh, H. Kim, N. Hammoud, P.D. Howell, S.J. Chapman & H.A. Stone
Phys. Fluids Lett. (to appear).

[7] A pinned or free-floating plate on a thin viscous film. Part 1: A rigid plate.
P.H. Trinh, S.K. Wilson & H.A. Stone
J. Fluid Mech 760, 407.

[6] Dynamics of Snapping Beams and Jumping Poppers
A. Pandey, D.E. Moulton, D. Vella, & D.P. Holmes
Eur. Phys. Lett. (to appear).

[5] A fluid-mechanical model of elastocapillary coalescence
K. Singh, J.R. Lister & D. Vella

[4] The spreading of hydrosoluble surfactants on water
M. Roché, Z. Li, I.M. Griffiths, A. Saint-Jalmes & H.A. Stone.
Phys. Fluids, 25, 091108.

[3] Gravity-driven thin-film flow on a flexible substrate
P.D. Howell, J. Robinson & H.A. Stone.
J. Fluid Mech, 732, 190-213

[2] Interfacial deflection and jetting of a paramagnetic particle-laden fluid: theory and experiment
S.S.H. Tsai & I.M. Griffiths (joint first authors), Z. Li, P. Kim & H.A. Stone.
Soft Matter, 9, 8600.

[1] An experimental and theoretical investigation of particle–wall impacts in a T-junction
D. Vigolo & I.M. Griffiths (joint first authors), S. Radl & H.A. Stone.
J. Fluid Mech., 727, 236.

CWI group photo 2012.