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Proceedings and Reports

[8] What is Industrial Mathematics? Case Studies from MI-NET

Editors: I.M. Griffiths, K. Kaouri, T. Myers, H. Ockendon

[7] Optimizing the performance of a conical ceramic membrane

I.M. Griffiths et al.
Proc. 146th European Study Group in Industry.

[6] Matched asymptotic expansions of glass temperature profiles during optical fibre drawing.

C.J.W. Breward, I.M. Griffiths, H. Potter & M. Taroni.
Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS) Research Report Series
& Proc. 27th Mathematical Problems in Industry

[5] Filtercake forming mechanisms at fracture and cavity openings

I.M. Griffiths & L.S. Gallimore.
Proc. 1st KAUST Study Group in Industry.

[4] ITER In-Vessel Coil Design and R&D

M. Kalish, I.M. Griffiths et al.
Proc. 2011 Proc. Symp Fusion Engineering.

[3] Surfactant-assisted spreading of an oil-in-water emulsion on the surface of a liquid bath

M. Roché, Z. Li, I.M. Griffiths, A. Saint-Jalmes, H.A. Stone

[2] Stability of Fiber Pulling

J.S. Abbott, R.J. Braun, K. Bhalerao, I.M. Griffiths, M. Gratton, B. Smith, C.P. Please, C.J.W. Breward & D. Boy.
Proc. Mathematical Problems in Industry 2007.

[1] In vivo delivery of drug therapy to tumours

L.R. Band, R.J.S. Booth, L.J. Cummings, R.J. Dyson, K.D. Fisher, I.M. Griffiths, J.P. Moles & S.L. Waters.
Proc. 5th Medical Study Group.