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Aleksander Horawa

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Current courses

I'm not currently teaching.

Directed Reading Program

I was part of the organizing committee of the Directed Reading Program at the University of Michigan. Check out the website for the newest updates.

I mentored the following students as part of the program:

Send me an email if you're interested in doing a DRP with me next semester!

Past courses

In past semesters, I taught the following courses:

In 2021, I received the Department of Mathematics Outstanding Teaching Award.
Previously, I was awarded an Honored Instructor award in Winter 2019. (Thanks to my students for the nomination!)

Desmos graphs and other illustrations

These are some illustrations of mathematical concepts (some I made myself, some I found online). Press on "edit graph on Desmos" to see the full, interactive animations.

Slope field and solution generator:

Area in Polar coordinates

Parametric equations

Taylor Series Approximations

Right Riemann Sums