Lukas Michel

DPhil Student | Mathematical Institute | University of Oxford

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I am a DPhil student at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, supervised by Alex Scott. Previously, I completed the MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science here at Oxford, and before that I was an undergraduate student at the Technical University of Munich.

My main research interests are in combinatorics, particularly Ramsey theory, extremal combinatorics, and probabilistic combinatorics. I also enjoy algorithmic aspects of theoretical computer science.


Finite-Memory Near-Optimal Learning for Markov Decision Processes with Long-Run Average Reward
Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, PMLR 124 (2020), 1149-1158
With Jan Křetínský, Fabian Michel, and Guillermo A. Pérez
Circuit decompositions of binary matroids
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 38(2) (2024), 1193-1201
With Bryce Frederickson


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