Why Study Mathematics?

Why Study Mathematics? was published by London Publishing Partnership in October 2020. It's designed for students considering a maths degree, and their teachers and families.

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You can get a taste of the book on Plus.

I talked about the book, and my own mathematical journey, on the Numberphile podcast.

I discussed Why Study Mathematics? with Cory Brunson for a podcast for the New Books Network.


Why Study Mathematics? was reviewed by Colin Beveridge for the Aperiodical ("it would make an excellent gift for the mathematically-inclined teenager in your life, and an invaluable addition to any school library").

Chalkdust reviewed it, and shortlisted it for their Book of the Year 2020.

Finley Ilett wrote an enthusiastic review for the London Mathematical Society Newsletter ("Why Study Mathematics? is a fantastic guide to this most wonderful of subjects, giving readers the ultimate guided tour of maths, with many aspects to the book that make it ideal for any A-Level student who wants to know more about the paths available for those who wish to study it beyond secondary school.").

Colin Beveridge recommended the book in a Quick Guide on How to reboot your interest in maths on the Guardian website: "If you're interested in taking maths further, Vicky Neale's book Why Study Mathematics? is an essential guide to where university maths goes.".

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