Survey papers and some talks

(In anti-chronological order)

Slides: Covers of modular curves, categoricity and Drinfeld's GT (pdf) June, 2020

On the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics Lecture for Maths-Physics-CompScience and Philosophy Freshers, October, 2015

The geometric semantics of algebraic quantum mechanics (a short survey), joint with Alex Cruz Morales, August, 2014

The semantics of noncommutative geometry and quantum mechanics (slides of the talk in Buenos Aires, 16th Latin-American Logic Symposium) July, 2014

The geometry of model theory and Diophantine geometry (slides, pdf) talk in London-Paris Number Theory Seminar, 8 November, 2010

Five lectures on Geometric Stability Theory and Zariski Geometries (slides, pdf) Leeds Univ., 21-23 July 2010

On model theory, non-commutative geometry and physics (slides, pdf) ASL Meeting at Notre Dame Univ., 22 May 2009

Zariski geometries, structural approximation and rigorous Dirac calculus (slides, pdf) Oxford, Quantum Field Theory seminar, 19 May 2009

Zariski structures and noncommutative geometry (dvi) (pdf) Paris, 20 June 2008

On transcendental number theory, classical analytic functions and Diophantine geometry (pdf) Paris, 9 March 2007

Report on EPSRC project Model Theory of Analytic and Pseudo-analytic Structures (dvi) (pdf) January 2006

Lectures on Zariski-type structures. Cambridge workshop, (dvi) (pdf) 29 March-- 8 April 2005

Poizat's bad fields and quantum groups Slides of the talk in Luminy, France (dvi) (pdf) 27 Sepetember 2004

Complex geometry and pseudo-analytic structures. Oberwolfach tutorial slides (dvi-- large size) (ps -- normal size print) 19-23 July 2004

Pseudo-analytic structures, quantum tori and non-commutative geometry(dvi)(pdf) Ongoing survey. November 1, 2005 version

Annual Godel Lecture at ASL meeitng (dvi)(pdf) Slides. June 2003, Chicago.

Analytic Zariski structures. Talk for ''Logic and Mathematics: connections and interactions'' (dvi) Slides. May 2003, Urbana-Champaign.

Alfred Tarski Lectures. Berkeley 8-12 April, 2002 (dvi) (ps) Slides for the talks.

Analytic and pseudo-analytic structures(dvi) (pdf) In Logic Coll. 2000 Paris, Lect.Notes in Logic v. 19, 2005, eds. R.Cori, A.Razborov, S.Todorcevic and C.Wood, AK Peters, Wellesley, Mass. pp.392-408

Dimensions and homogeneity in mathematical structures (dvi)(pdf) In Connections between Model Theory and Algebraic and Analytic Geometry (ed. A.Macintyre), Quaderni di Matematica, v.6, 2001, Seconda Universita di Napoli