LMS Prospects in Mathematics 18-19 December 2014


If you are considering applying for Ph.D. studies in mathematics for entry in 2015, this meeting is for you. Speakers will share their passion about mathematical research by describing the type of questions they are working on, and will discuss where their research topic is being actively studied in the UK. The conference will involve talks on the afternoon of Thursday Dec. 18th and throughout Friday Dec. 19th, hosted in Oxford.

How to participate:

Funding is available to cover the costs for about 60 participants, including accommodations for one night and to help cover the cost of traveling to Oxford. All applicants are automatically considered for funding. To apply to attend, email prospects2014@maths.ox.ac.uk with a subject heading "Prospects2014" and include evidence of the degree classification you are on track to receive (this could include a transcript or letter from member of staff at you institution) and include a statement that "I am on track academically to begin Ph.D. studies in 2015" or explain why you should attend if this is not the case. To receive full consideration for funding, your application should be received by November 20th 2014. Funding decisions will be made shortly thereafter. Late applications are considered at the discretion of the organizers.


The event will be held at the University of Oxford Mathematical Institute .
Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG

Thursday December 18th:

12:00-12:30: Registration desk open (collect name badge and welcome pack)
12:40-13:00: Welcome
13:00-13:30: Robert MacKay (Warwick) Complexity
13:30-14:00: Rebecca Killick (Lancaster) Statistics and Operations Research
14:00-14:30: coffee/tea
14:30-15:00: Julia Wolf (Bristol) Combinatorics
15:00-15:30: Anthony Carbery (Edinburgh) Analysis
15:30-16:00: coffee/tea
16:00-16:30: Alex Wilkie (Manchester)
16:30-17:00: Colin Please (Oxford) Modelling
19:00: Dinner and discussion at St. Antony's College.

Friday December 19th:

9:30-10:00: Ken Brown (Glasgow) Algebra
10:00-10:30: Marika Taylor (Southampton) Mathematical Physics
10:30-11:00: coffee/tea
11:00-11:30: Robert Osburn (UCD Dublin) Number Theory
11:30-12:00: Angela Mihai (Cardiff) Scientific Computing
12:00-12:30: Andreas Kyprianou (Bath) Probability
12:30-13:30: lunch in Mathematical Institute
13:30-14:00: Mary Rees (Liverpool) Dynamical Systems
14:00-14:30: Hilary Weller (Reading) Fluids
14:30-15:00: coffee/tea
15:00-15:30: Michael Singer (UC London) Geometry
15:30-16:00: John Ball (Oxford) PDEs

Local Organizers:

This year's edition of prospects in mathematics is hosted by the University of Oxford Mathematical Institute.
Frances Kirwan (Oxford) and Jared Tanner (Oxford)

Steering Committee:

Michael Farber (Queen Mary), Iain Gordon (Edinburgh), Nicholas J. Higham (Manchester), Jens Marklof (Bristol), John Parker (Durham), Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham), Jared Tanner (Oxford) and Corinna Ulcigrai (Bristol).


This event is only possible due to the generous support of the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

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The first "Prospects in Mathematics" conference was held in Durham in December 2005, as a "symposium for potential research students in pure mathematics". The event was successfully held in Durham again in 2006 and 2009, before moving to a series of different host institutions in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, under the sponsorship of the London Mathematical Society with supplementary support by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.