Hello Mates! I am Zachary Chase, a first year DPhil (PhD) student at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Ben Green.



New Upper Bounds for Trace Reconstruction Zachary Chase, preprint

A New Upper Bound for Separating Words Zachary Chase, preprint [blog post]

A Random Analogue of Gilbreath's Conjecture Zachary Chase, preprint [blog post]

A Proof of the Gan-Loh-Sudakov Conjecture Zachary Chase, Advances in Combinatorics [editorial introduction]

New Lower Bounds for Trace Reconstruction Zachary Chase, Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré Probab. Stat.

Additive Conjugacy and the Bohr Compactification of Orthogonal Representations Zachary Chase, Wade Hann-Caruthers, Omer Tamuz, preprint

Other papers:

The Maximum Number of Three Term Arithmetic Progressions, and Triangles in Cayley Graphs Zachary Chase, preprint

On the Iterates of Digit Maps Zachary Chase, Integers

Experimental Evidence for Asymptotic Non-optimality of Comb Adversary Strategy Zachary Chase, preprint

Learning Time Dependent Choice Zachary Chase, Siddharth Prasad, ITCS 2019

Construction work:

Gaussian Analytic Functions and Operator Symbols of Dirichlet Type