I am a DPhil (PhD) mathematics student at the University of Oxford working in combinatorics. My supervisor is Alex Scott. Previously, I was an undergraduate at the Australian National University, where my Honours thesis in graph theory was supervised by Brendan McKay. While syncing academic years between hemispheres, I enjoyed support from Catherine Greenhill.



Counting partitions of G(n,1/2) with degree congruence conditions, arXiv:2105.12612, submitted (with Paul Balister, Emil Powierski and Alex Scott)

Reconstructing trees from small cards, arXiv:2103.13359, submitted (with Carla Groenland, Tom Johnston and Alex Scott)

Reconstructing the degree sequence of a sparse graph from a partial deck, arXiv:2102.08679, submitted (with Carla Groenland, Tom Johnston, Andrey Kupavskii, Kitty Meeks and Alex Scott)

Graph pseudometrics from a topological point of view, to appear (with Ana Garcia-Pulido, Kathryn Hess, Kate Turner, Bei Wang and Naya Yerolemou)

A note on infinite antichain density, arXiv:2102.00246, submitted (with Paul Balister, Emil Powierski and Alex Scott)

Eulerian circuits and path decompositions in quartic planar graphs, arXiv:1910.02819, submitted.

Small 4-regular planar graphs that are not circle representable, Australas. J. Combin., 76 (2020), 428-435. (pdf)



Here is some information on revision classes for C8.3 Combinatorics in Trinity.

Notes and projects