S.D. Howison, publications


1: Books 

1. Option Pricing: Mathematical Models and Computation (with J.N. Dewynne & P. Wilmott). Oxford Financial Press 1993.


2. Mathematical Models in Finance (edited with F.P. Kelly and P. Wilmott). Chapman & Hall 1995.


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5. Practical Applied Mathematics: Modelling, Analysis, Approximation, Cambridge University Press, in production, 2004.


2: Refereed papers

80. The long memory of order flow in the foreign exchange spot market, 2015 preprint on arxiv.org/abs/1504.04354v1 (with M.D. Gould & M.A. Porter).

79.  Quasi-centralized limit order books, 2015 preprint on arxiv.org/abs/1502.00680v1 (with M.D Gould & M.A. Porter).

78, Community detection in temporal multilayer networks, and its application to correlation networks, 2014 preprint on arxiv.org/abs/1501.00040v2 (with M. Bazzi, M.A. Porter, S. Williams, M. McDonald & D.J. Fenn), author-accepted version here.

77. Risk-Neutral Pricing of Financial Instruments in Emission Markets: A Structural Approach
, SIAM Review 57, 95-127, 2015 (with D. Schwarz) (available here).

76. Limit Order Books, Quantitative Finance 13, 1709-1742, 2013 (with D. Fenn, M. Gould, M. MacDonald, M.A. Porter & S. Williams) (available here).

75. The Effect of Non-Smooth Payoffs on the Penalty Approximation of American Options, SIAM J. Financial Mathematics 4, 539-574, 2013 (with Christoph Reisinger and Jan Hendrik Witte (available here).

74. Three-dimensional oblique  water entry problems at small deadrise angle, J. Fluid Mech 711 259-280, 2012 (with J.R. Ockendon, M.R. Moore & J.M. Oliver) (PDF here).

73. A note on oblique water entry, now online, J. Eng. Math. 2012 (with J.R. Ockendon, M.R. Moore & J.M. Oliver) (PDF here).

72. Partial Differential Equations that are hard to classify. J. Part. Diff. Eq. 25, 41-65, 2012 (with A.A. Lacey & J.R. Ockendon). pdf here

71.Risk-Neutral Pricing of Financial Instruments in Emission Markets: A Structural Approach, SIAM J. Financial Math. 3, 709-739, 2012 (with D. Schwarz) (available here).

70. Asymptotic approximations for Asian, European and American options with discrete averaging, or discrete dividend/coupon payments. SIAM J. Financial Math. 3, 215-241, 2012 (PDF here).

69. Games with exhaustible resources,  SIAM J. Appl. Math. 70, 2556-2581,  2010 (with Chris Harris & Ronnie Sircar). (PDF of a slightly extended version of the paper is available here.)

68. Modelling spikes and pricing swing options in electricity markets, Quantitative Finance 9, 937-949, 2009 (with B. Hambly & T Kluge). (PDF here.)

67. Option pricing with Levy-stable processes generated by Levy-stable integrated variance.  Quantitative Finance 9,  397-409, 2009 (with A. Cartea). (PDF here.)

66. Stochastic behavior of the electricity bid stack: from fundamental drivers to power prices. J. Energy Markets 2(1), 2009 (with M. Coulon). (PDF here.)

65. The mirage of triangular arbitrage in the spot foreign exchange market, in press, IJTAF 12, 1105-1123, 2009 (with D. Fenn, S. Williams & N.F. Johnson) (PDF here).

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61. A matched asymptotic expansions approach to continuity corrections for discretely sampled options. Part 2: Bermudan options. Applied Mathematical Finance, 14, 91-104, 2007. (PDF here.)   

60. A matched asymptotic expansions approach to continuity corrections for discretely sampled options. Part 1: Barrier options. Applied Mathematical Finance 14, 63-89, 2007 (with Mario Steinberg). (PDF here.)

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3: Edited  collections


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4: Plenary lectures and refereed conference proceedings


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and English.

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