Former students' theses

From this page you can download the .pdf files of the D.Phil. and M.Sc. theses of some of my former students.

Christine Taylor, M.Sc. by Research 1995-6, 'Compact manifolds with holonomy Spin(7)', pdf file.

Christopher Lewis, D.Phil. 1995-1998, 'Spin(7) Instantons', pdf file.

Dominic Widdows, D.Phil. 1996-2000, 'Quaternion Algebraic Geometry', pdf file.

Stephen Marshall, D.Phil. 1998-2002, 'Deformations of special Lagrangian submanifolds', pdf file.

Yat-Ming Chan, D.Phil. 2002-2005, 'Calabi-Yau and special Lagrangian 3-folds with conical singularities and their desingularizations', pdf file.

Jason Lotay, D.Phil. 2002-2005, 'Calibrated submanifolds and the exceptional geometries', pdf file.

Martijn Kool, D.Phil. 2006-2010, 'Moduli spaces of sheaves on toric varieties', pdf file.

Tapio Behrndt, D.Phil. 2008-2011, 'Generalized Lagrangian mean curvature flow in almost Calabi-Yau manifolds', pdf file.

Robert Clancy, D.Phil. 2009-2012, 'Spin(7)-manifolds and Calibrated Geometry', pdf file.

Vittoria Bussi, D.Phil. 2010-2014, 'Derived symplectic structures in generalized Donaldson-Thomas theory and categorification', pdf file.

Benjamin Volk, D.Phil. 2010-2014, 'D-orbifolds and bordism', pdf file.

Elana Kalashnikov, M.Sc. 2013-2014, dissertation, 'C-Algebraic Geometry', pdf file.

Yan Ting Lam, D.Phil. 2011-2015, 'Calabi-Yau categories and quivers with superpotential', pdf file

Roland Grinis, D.Phil. 2013-2016, 'On the soliton resolution conjecture for wave maps', pdf file

Kelli Francis-Staite, D.Phil. 2015-2019, 'C-Algebraic Geometry with corners', pdf file

Jacob Gross, D.Phil. 2017-2020, 'Moduli spaces of complexes of coherent sheaves', pdf file

Arkadij Bojko, D.Phil. 2018-2021, 'Wall-crossing and orientations for invariants counting coherent sheaves on CY fourfolds', pdf file

Alexei Latyntsev, D.Phil. 2018-2023, 'Vertex algebras, moduli stacks, cohomological Hall algebras and quantum groups', pdf file

Geoffrey Mboya, D.Phil. 2018-2023, 'Projective Fibrations in Weighted Scrolls', pdf file. (Geoffrey's main supervisor was Balázs Szendröi.)