Oxford Logic Seminar

Thursdays during term; schedule.

Past events

Arizona Winter School 2023

Tucson, Arizona, March 4-8 2023.

O-minimality and its Applications in Diophantine Geometry and Hodge Theory

23rd Midrasha Mathematicae: December 11-15, 2022

Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University.

Online workshop on Unlikely Intersections, Diophantine geometry, and related fields

12th—16th April 2021

Introductory workshop: Definability, Decidability, and Computability in Number Theory

MSRI, August 24-28, 2020

Definability, Decidability, and Computability in Number Theory

MSRI, August-December 2020

Gandy Colloquium

Oxford, 22 February 2020

British Logic Colloquium 2019

Mathematical Institute, Oxford, September 5-7, 2019

Around Functional Transcendence

Mathematical Institute, Oxford, June 26-29, 2018

Workshop on O-minimality and Diophantine Applications

Fields Institute, June 19-23, 2017

Thematic Programme on Unlikely Intersections, Heights, and Efficient Congruencing

Fields Institute, Toronto, January-June 2017

O-minimality and its Application to Number Theory and Analysis
Oberwolfach, 30 April - 6 May, 2017

Summer School in Tame Geometry
Konstanz, July 18-23, 2016

Geometry, Number Theory, and Logic

Oxford, July 6, 2016

SEEMOD meeting

Oxford, July 5-6, 2016

Future Directions in Model Theory and Analytic Functions
MIMS, Manchester, 7-10 July, 2015

Functional Transcendence around Ax-Schanuel
CMI workshop, Oxford, 29 September - 3 October, 2014

Model Theory in Geometry and Arithmetic
MSRI, 12-16 May, 2014

L-functions, Spectra and Equidistribution
IAS, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 11-19 December, 2013

Synergies And Vistas in Analytic Number Theory
Oxford, 3-7 September, 2012

Miniworkshop in O-minimality and Diophantine Geometry
Oxford, 24-25 August, 2012

Unlikely intersections in algebraic groups and Shimura varieties
AIM workshop held at Centro De Giorgi, Scuola Normale Pisa, March 28 -April 1, 2011

Workshop in Computational Number Theory
July 7-9, 2005, University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain, part of FoCM'05

Far Hills Workshop on L-functions and p-adic cohomology: computational perspectives
CICMA-CRM workshop, 2-4 January 2004.

Future directions in algorithmic number theory
AIM workshop, Palo Alto, March 24-28, 2003

Lecture notes and surveys

Clay Research Conference 2011
``Diophantine geometry via model theory'', video here.

LMS-EPSRC Shortcourse on O-minimality and Diophantine Geometry
Manchester, July 8-12, 2013
Functional transcendence via o-minimality (5 lectures), pdf notes
The copyright in these lecture notes belongs to CUP. They will appear in final form
in a volume published by CUP. These notes may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

ICM, Seoul 2014
``O-minimality and Diophantine geometry'',
Expanded version of talk as preprint here, slides here, and the talk itself can be viewed here.

Clay Research Conference 2014
``The Schanuel paradigm'', slides here, video on Clay Mathematics Institute website here.

Graduate students

My thesis was supervised by Peter Sarnak, so I belong to a large academic family; see here.

My students:

Andrew Potter, PhD (Bristol), 2010

Lee Butler, PhD (Bristol), 2011

Adam Harris, DPhil (Oxford), 2013, joint supervision with Boris Zilber

Vahagn Aslanyan, DPhil (Oxford), 2017, joint supervision with Boris Zilber

Haden Spence, DPhil (Oxford), 2018

Sebastian Eterovic, DPhil (Oxford), 2019

John Armitage, DPhil (Oxford), 2021

Guy Fowler, DPhil (Oxford), 2021

Francesco Ballini, current

Some more papers (preprints may differ from final published form)

Frobenius maps of abelian varieties and finding roots of unity in finite fields,
Math. Comp.
55 (1990), 745--763,  preprint.

Geometric postulation of a smooth function and the number of rational points,

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Geometric and arithmetic postulation of the exponential function,
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Density of integer points on plane algebraic curves,

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(with F. R. Villegas) Concordant sequences and integral-values entire functions,

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(with H. W. Lenstra and C. Pomerance) A hyperelliptic smoothness tes, II,

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Entire functions having a concordant value sequence,

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On the algebraic points of a definable set,
Selecta Math. (N.S.) 15 (2009), 151--170, preprint.
The final published version is available at link.springer.com, here.

Rational points of definable sets and results of Andre-Oort--Manin-Mumford type,
IMRN, 2009, 2476--2507, available here.

Counting rational points on a certain exponential-algebraic surface,
Ann. Inst. Fourier 60 (2010), 489--514, preprint. And correction (all theorems remain true).

Modular Ax-Lindemann-Weierstrass with derivatives
Notre Dame J. Formal Logic 54 (2013), 553--565 (Oleron volume in honour of Pillay).
Preprint version here.

Special point problems with elliptic modular surfaces,
Mathematika 60 (2014), 1-31, doi:10.1112/S0025579313000168, copyright UCL.
Preprint version here.

(with P. Habegger) Some unlikely intersections beyond Andre-Oort,
Compositio 148 (2012), 1-27. Preprint version here.

(with J. Tsimerman) The Andre-Oort conjecture for the moduli space of Abelian surfaces,
Compositio 149 (2013), 204-216, arXiv version here.

(with L. Capuano, D. Masser, and U. Zannier)
Rational points on Grassmannians and unlikely intersections in tori,
Bull. LMS 48 (2016), 141-154. Published version here.

(with J. Tsimerman)
Multiplicative relations among singular moduli,
arXiv preprint here, Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, to appear.

On a modular Fermat equation, arXiv preprint here,
Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 92 (2017), 85-103.