Rational points on curves:
A p-adic and computational perspective

September 24-28, 2012
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

This five day workshop was organised by Henri Darmon, Minhyong Kim, Alan Lauder and Jan Vonk, and supported by a grant from the European Research Council. It focussed on emerging methods for studying rational points on curves, especially from a p-adic and computational perspective. This focus included Stark-Heegner point constructions and methods from anabelian geometry, as well as related topics such as p-adic L-functions and p-adic modular forms. It took place in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Many participants stayed in the heart of Oxford at either Brasenose College or Hertford College.

Here is the programme for the workshop, and also a PDF file with a full list of abstracts.

Here are notes or slides for most of the talks:

Here is a list of participants:

J. Balakrishnan (Harvard), F. Baldassarri (Padova), M. Bertolini (Milan), Anna Cadoret (EP), P. Charollois (Paris VI), B. Chiarellotto (Padova), G. Cornelissen (Utrecht), H. Darmon (McGill) S. Dasgupta (UCSC), M. Daub (Berkeley), T. Gee (Imperial), M. Greenberg (Calgary), X. Guitart (UP Catalunya/MPIM), S. Hattori (Kyushu), A. Iovita (Concordia/Padova), V. Karemakers (Utrecht), K. Kedlaya (MIT), A. Langer (Exeter), M. Lettington (Cardiff), D. Loeffler (Warwick), M. Longo (Padova) S. Kobayashi (Tohoku), M. Kurihara (Keio), A. Lauder (Oxford/Kyushu), K. Morita (Hokkaido), Steffen Muller (Hamburg), J. Park (POSTECH), B. Perrin-Riou (Orsay), R. Pollack (Boston) K. Prasanna (Michigan), V. Di Proietto (Tokyo), G. Rosso (KU Leuven), V. Rotger (UP Catalunya), M. Seveso (Milan), A. Shiho (Tokyo), G. Stevens (Boston), M. Stoll (Bayreuth), Y. Taguchi (Kyushu), J. Tuitman (Oxford), J. Van Order (EPFL), R. Venerucci (Milan), J. Voight (Vermont), J. Vonk (Oxford), G. Wiese (Luxembourg), A. Wiles (Oxford), S. Zerbes (UCL).

Here are two photographs of the participants: one, two

The workshop was open to all, with limited financial support available aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.