List of Publications

Journal Articles
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  57. J.M. Ball and A. Zarnescu. Orientable and non-orientable line field models for uniaxial nematic liquid crystals.  Molecular crystals and liquid crystals, 495:573-585, 2008. pdf file
  58. J.M. Ball and C. Mora-Corral. A variational model allowing both smooth and sharp phase boundaries in solidsCommunications on Pure and Applied Analysis, 8:55-81, 2009. pdf file
  59. J.M. Ball and A. Majumdar.  Nematic Liquid Crystals : from Maier-Saupe to a Continuum Theory, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 525 (2010) 1-11.  pdf file 
  60. J.M. Ball and E.C.M. Crooks. Local minimizers and planar interfaces in a phase-transition model with interfacial energy.  Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations. 40 (2011) no. 3-4, 501-538. pdf file
  61. J.M. Ball and A. Zarnescu.  Orientability and energy minimization in liquid crystal models, Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 202 (2011), no 2, 493-535. pdf file
  62. J.M. Ball, Y. Capdeboscq and B. Tsering Xiao.  On uniqueness for time harmonic anisotropic Maxwell's equations with piecewise regular coefficients.  Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Science.  Vol. 22, No. 11 (2012). pdf file
  63. J.M. Ball, K. Koumatos, H.Seiner Nucleation of austenite in mechanically stabilized martensite by localized heating Journal of Alloys and Compounds 577S(2013)S37-S42 pdf file
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  65. J.M. Ball and A. Zarnescu. Partial regularity and smooth topology-preserving approximations of rough domains. To appear.
  66. J.M. Ball and Y. Sengul. Quasistatic nonlinear viscoelasticity and gradient flows.

Articles in Conference Proceedings and Books
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  34. J.M. Ball, K Koumatos and H Seiner.  An analysis of non-classical austenite-martensite interfaces in CuAINi.  Proceedings ICOMAT08, TMS, 2010.  pdf file

Books and Edited Books
  1. J.M. Ball Ed.  Systems of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. Reidel, 1983
  2. J.M. Ball Ed. Material Instabilities in Continuum Mechanics and Related  Mathematical Problems. Oxford University Press, 1988.
  3. J.M. Ball,  D. Kinderlehrer, P. Podio-Guidugli and M. Slemrod Eds., Evolving Phase Interfaces in Solids, Springer-Verlag, 1999.
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Book Reviews
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  1. J.M. Ball. The calculus of variations after 300 years. Video, obtainable from Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.
  2. J.M. Ball, Obituary of Albert Green, Queen's College Record, 2000.
  3. J.M. Ball, Obituary of Jacques-Louis Lions, The Independent, 30 May 2001.
  4. J.M. Ball and R.D. James, The scientific life and influence of Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III, Arch. Rational Mechanics Analysis 161:1-26, 2002. pdf file
  5. Interview with John Ball, President of the International Mathematical Union.  Bol. Soc. Esp. Mat. Apl. Sema, (33):19-26, 2005.pdf file
  6. Interview with Sir John Ball, President of the IMU, at the 2006 ICM. Gac. R. Soc. Mat. Esp.,9(3):611-614, 2006.
  7. Transcription of ICM 2006 Closing Round Table: "Are pure and applied mathematics drifting apart?".  Proceedings International Congress of Mathematics, Madrid, 2006, 1:757-776, 2007.
  8. J.M. Ball, Support for Mathematics in Developing Countries.   pdf file
In Preparation
  1. J.M. Ball, C. Chu, and R.D. James.  Metastability and martensite.
  2. J.M. Ball and R.D. James. Incompatible sets of gradients and metastability.
  3. J.M. Ball and R.D. James. The fundamental sufficiency theorem of the one-dimensional calculus of variations.
  4. J.M. Ball and R.D. James. From Microscales to Macroscales in Materials. (Book)
  5. J.M. Ball and C. Cartensen.  Hadamard's compatibility condition for microstructures.
  6. J.M. Ball and R.D. James. Varying volume fractions of gradient Young measures.
  7. J.M. Ball and A. Zarnescu.  Approximation of non-smooth domains by smooth ones that preserve the fundamental group.
  8. J.M. Ball and A. Majumdar.  Equilibrium order parameters of liquid crystals in the q-tensor framework.
  9. W. Tirry, J.M. Ball, B. Muite and D. Schryvers.  In situ TEM observations of untwinned stress-induced martensite and near compatibility.

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