Effective methods in p-adic cohomology

March 15-19, 2010
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

This five day workshop was organised by Kiran Kedlaya and Alan Lauder, with the assistance of Sebastian Pancratz, and was supported by a grant from the European Research Council. It took place in the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, with accommodation for participants being provided by Hertford College. The conference dinner was held at St John's College.

The workshop drew together a broad spectrum of researchers at different stages in their careers and in different parts of mathematics, all of whom have a common interest in effective theorems and explicit calculations in rigid and crystalline cohomology.

The themes of the workshop included

Here is the programme of the workshop.

Here are handwritten notes (taken by George Walker) for some of the talks along with some slides and an abstract.

Here is a list of participants:

J. Balakrishnan (MIT), F. Baldassarri (Padova), L. Berger (Lyon), P. Berthelot (Rennes), A. Besser (Ben-Gurion), V. Busch (Hamburg), W. Castryck (Leuven), B. Chiarellotto (Padova), P. Candelas (Oxford), A. Castano Dominguez (Seville), R. Crew (Florida), G. Chatel (INSA-Rennes), C. Davies (Bonn), R. de Jeu (VU-Amsterdam), R. Gerkmann (Mainz), M. Gros (Rennes), D. Haessig (Rochester), D. Harvey (Courant), D. Holmes (Warwick), H. Hubrechts (Leuven), K. Kedlaya (MIT), R. Kloosterman (Humboldt-Berlin), A. Lauder (Oxford), B. Le Stum (Rennes), A. Mellit (Bonn), S. Muller (Bayreuth), S. Pancratz (Oxford), D. Pigeon (Caen), A. Rojas Leon (Seville), K. Samol (Oxford), V. Settimi (Padova), I. Shapiro (Max-Planck), B. Smith (LIX), J. Stienstra (Utrecht), N. Suwa (Chuo), D. Testa (Oxford), N. Tsuzuki (Tohoku), J. Tuitman (Leuven), G. Walker (Bristol), D. Wan (UC Irvine), C. Wuthrich (Nottingham), J.D. Yu (NU Taiwan).

The workshop lectures were open to all.